How the Euromillions draw works

The Euromillions is a lottery which is spread across a selection of European countries. This includes the UK and despite concerns about it leaving the EU, it will not affect its inclusion in this lottery as it is geographical rather than related to EU membership. Countries that take part are currently Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Ireland and Belgium but you can also buy tickets online if you live outside of these countries. Each ticket gives one entry in the draw, which takes place in Paris.

There is a selection of possible prizes as well as a jackpot. The jackpot will roll over to the next draw if it is not won. The odds of winning a prize are 1 in 13 but the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 116,531,800. In UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg there is also a second draw that takes place where you have the chance of winning extra prizes. These vary between countries and are called different thing such as joker, super star and millionaire maker.

In order to enter you have to pick 5 balls and 2 lucky stars which you think will be drawn. You have the choice for 49 balls and 10 lucky stars and you have to pick 5 different ball numbers and two different lucky star numbers although you can pick the same number for a ball and lucky star. The jackpot is won if the balls picked out match the 5 numbers and two lucky stars that you have picked. If you make some matched, but not all, then you can win a lower prize.

These are 5 balls and one lucky star, 5 balls no lucky stars, four balls and two lucky stars, four balls and one lucky star, four balls and no lucky stars, three balls and two lucky stars, two balls and two lucky stars, three balls and one lucky star, three balls and no lucky star, one ball and two lucky stars, two balls and one lucky star, two balls and no lucky star. These are listed in prize order from highest to lowest. The prize fund is a percentage of the ticket sales with some of the profits in the UK going to charity. Draws take place on a Tuesday and Sunday evening and are shown on the television in the countries that take place but can also be checked on line or using an app.

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